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Ladd View Ranch 

Meet The Flock II

Flying D 1624 Lil' Miss Sunshine
NABSSAR #15209
Born 03/27/2016
​Genotype: QR
​You can't beat the wool on this girl!
Introducing!    Ewe:
Ladd View Ranch 0043 Abigail
NABSSAR #16350
Born 03/26/2017
​Genotype: RR
Lambed March 6, 2019
​Single black ewe lamb
                  Introducing our New Ram:
Fuller 3180 RR Roosevelt
NABSSAR #16890
Born 02/03/2018
Genotype: RR
Roosevelt sired all our 2019 lambs
Mt. Fanny 149 Easter
NABSSAR #12416
Born 3/28/2013
​Genotype: QQ
Lambed March 12, 2019
Twin ewe and ram lambs
Introducing in 2020!
Ladd View Ranch Bree (white)
Ladd View Ranch Elsa (brown)
Born in spring, 2018
0060 Elsa; NABSSAR #16968
0071 Bree; NABSSAR #16973
Will have lambs in 2020!
Wool Ridge 11102 Isabelle
NABSSAR #11510
Born 02/10/2011
​Genotype: QR
Lambed Feb. 19 ,2019
Twin ewe and ram lambs
Introducing!   Ewe:
Ladd View Ranch 0046
NABSSAR #16349
Born 03/17/2017
​Genotype: RR
Lambed March 8,2019   
Twin ewe and ram lambs